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How do I access the TUT Library and Information Services Electronic Resources

A step-by-step guide on how to access the TUT Library and Information Services Electronic Resources



The TUT LIS Discovery Service can be accessed via the TUT website or directly via the TUT LIS website.  Because the licensed electronic content is accessed off-campus, your IP address connected to the Internet is not registered with the vendors, and therefore you will need to authentication yourself, as a registered TUT user.


Method 1:  How to access the TUT LIS Discovery Service from the TUT website

  1. Go to the TUT website:
  2. On the bottom right hand side of the site, click on the Library and Information Services link

Accessing the TUT Library and Information Services On-Campus


  1. Once on the TUT LIS website, follow the instructions from Method 2, step 2

Method 2 - Via the TUT LIS Website

  1. Go to the TUT LIS Website:
  2. Just after the graphics on this page is a Search Box
  3. Enter your search terms in the Search Box and hit enter.


  1. Once you hit enter, the search results will appear.  As you move through the result list, you will notice that many of the records require login detail to access the data.


  1. To see the hidden content it is necessary to log in.
  2. To Log In, please go to the top of the page, and click on the Welcome Guest link to log in. 

  1. Once the Welcome Guest link has been selected, the Login Screen will open up
  2. Please enter your Name and Surname as username and your Staff/Student Number as password.  This will be as you are registered with TUT


  1. Once you have entered you credentials, click on the Submit button.
  2. You will now be directed to your result list and you can continue conducting your searches, and move through your result list, to find the information required.


  1. If you struggle with access, please contact the library for assistance.
  2. Enjoy your searching experience.